Who We Are

The LPSA (The Lingfield Primary School Association) is Lingfield Primary School’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association). As a registered charity we rely on funds donated at the events we hold and fundraising we try to do, whether it be Rag Bag, Green Clothing or EasyFundraising

When your child starts attending the school, you automatically become a member of the LPSA. Coming to LPSA meetings means you can share your ideas on fundraising, and help decide how funds raised are best spent. 

During our Annual General Meeting (AGM), you get to vote for new representatives, from the Chairperson to class reps; these are your representatives at events or meetings if you are unable to attend.

All funds raised at events go towards ensuring your children have fun while they are learning, help with costs towards school trips and make memorable experiences at school. 

The LPSA have a noticeboard outside the KS1 classrooms. This is regularly updated with information about events and meetings. We also have a tray in the school office and a pigeon hole for any additional slips/letters/rag bags you may need.